1. Alexander Botunin

    worked well – thank you so very much for uploading :)

  2. Mariano Pack

    freaking love pro tools!!!! he is so right its alot user friendly :) Thanks

  3. Teodor

    Survey is very easy and you can download file with no problems. I reccomend!

  4. Jordan Bi.

    I recommend this. Survey is easy and free :)

  5. mark banished

    Ok link for crack download and surveys for the rest? I love banished – WORKS !!!


    In this game there’s no enemy to fight with, no distant lands to conquer. Just slow-paced building of your settlement, done by your simple folks, doing their simple, everyday tasks. And with all this, it is suprisingly fun to watch and play.

    If you loved games like ‘Settlers’ or ‘Anno’ series. This game is simply made for you, and will bring you countless hours of fun, fun and nothing but fun. It have everything: nice graphic, smooth music, intuitive yet logical game mechanics that you can grasp in no time and mountains of satisfaction from leading you villagers into happines and prosperity. :)

    And even if you are more aggressive type of player I strongly recomend you to try. You might be astonished how ‘comfy’ it is to build a small, idyllic village lost in the forest and watch it grow and change as the time pass.
    What is also amazing is the fact that whole game was made from scratch by just ONE guy. And it’s small (only 89MB!)


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